Analysis Laboratory


Since November 2018, the Agrosistemi Quality Control Laboratory has been accredited by ACCREDIA with accreditation number 1734 L in compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO IEC 17025.

The accredited tests concern the main analytes referring to the following matrices:

  • Land: a land control service is offered regarding aspects related to reclamation, as well as agronomic / cultural aspects or inherent in the spreading of sludge / compost, through the determination of the parameters provided for by current legislation.
  • Organic waste, fertilizers and soil improvers (digestate): all chemical and physical checks required by current legislation or by specific authorizations are carried out.

In addition to the accredited matrices, the Quality Control Laboratory also performs analyzes on the water matrix and on the accredited matrices regarding the microbiological aspects and specifically on:

  • Waste water, ground water: all chemical, physical and microbiological controls required by current legislation or by specific authorizations are carried out.
  • Fertilizers and sewage sludge: checks are carried out on the microbiological aspects required by current legislation.

The Agrosystem’s Quality Control Laboratory is number 80 in the list of laboratories recognized by MIPAF for carrying out analyzes on fertilizers.

Our laboratory uses, in the determination of the analytical parameters, official methods regulated by national and international organizations (UNI, EPA, ISO, IRSA, etc.) or internal validated methods.

Data control is guaranteed by regular participation in interlaboratory circuits for most of the analytes in the various matrices, by the use of certified reference materials and by the analyzis of control samples introduced regularly in the analytical cycle.

Accreditation Certificate

Download the accreditation certificate of the laboratory.

List of tests under review from 2022-09-13

Download rev. 2 pdf test list of the Agrosistemi Quality Control Laboratory.

Requirements module

Download the pdf of the requirements that the sample to be analyzed must have for transport and delivery to the laboratory, after sampling.