Mixture of Precipitation gypsum (Type 21, Annex 3, Legislative Decree n. 75/2010), mixed composted soil improver (Type 5, Annex 2, Legislative Decree n. 75/2010), Gypsum (Type 14, Annex 3, Legislative Decree n. 75/2010), powerful corrector of strongly unbalanced soils salinity and alkalinity. Intended to fight desertification in Mediterranean countries.


  • It helps to save water and energy
  • Optimal for basic fertilization
  • It corrects alkaline soils
  • It counteracts soil salinity
  • It adds organic matter, available calcium, magnesium
  • It improves the agricultural soil structure

GRANFONDO features

Physical state: friable flakes, with thickness between 2 and 3 mm, with a less than 10mm mean diameter

Main components: dehydrate calcium sulphate, stabilized organic matter, hydrolyzed organic matter

Organic substance: it is constituted by two types of selected biological materials:

  • Biomass hydrolyzed by chemical way, without heat
  • Biomass aerobically stabilized

Alkaline hydrolysis reduces the pathogen load and ensures safe handling.

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