Precipitation gypsum – Type 21, Annex 3 Italian Legislative Decree n. 75/2010 ideal for soils which are poor in organic matter, sub-alkaline, alkaline, affected by salinity.

Biosolfato Features

BIOSOLFATO is a soil corrective, balanced in its organic and mineral components.
Gypsum provides directly Calcium, required to strengthen the plants’ cell walls, making them more resistant to disease and frost.
It also provides Sulfur, which is essential for the soil’s bacterial activity. It is perfect to be used at pre-plowing as a soil corrector and improver. The considerable amount of organic matter makes it especially useful for the improver effect on farms that do not exercise animal husbandry.

Biosolfato advantages

  • Basic nitrogenous fertilization
  • Improver effect
  • Organic matter supply
  • It corrects the alkaline soils, lowering the high pH as it solubilizes the carbonates;
  • It contrasts acid soils, increasing the low pH, as it replaces the H+ ions with Ca++ absorbed on clays.
  • It flushes away sodium (harmful, when in excess) with an ion exchange mechanism.
  • It brings back to balance soils which had become unbalanced because of the extended use of fertilizers