The agricultural soil may be subject to unfavorable conditions and to degradation processes, such as:
abnormal pH, erosion, depletion of organic matter, loss of biodiversity, contamination and pollution due to anthropogenic activity, salinization, compaction.
These conditions, in combined form and worsened by inappropriate use of resources by man, can determine arid or sub-arid climatic conditions, which may lead to desertification.
Agrosistemi developed high-quality fertilizer products, which allow to hinder these phenomena by replacing or integrating synthetic fertilizers with organic materials, whose value is more stable and lasting, while recovering valuable resources that would otherwise be lost.
The fertilizer products are made from chemically hydrolyzed organic substance, containing sulphates and carbonates in order to correct anomalous PH:

BIOSULPHATE: Precipitation gypsum – Type 21 All.3 Italian Legislative Decree n. 75/2010, ideal for soils which are low in organic matter, sub- alkaline, alkaline, affected by salinity.

BIOCARBONATE: Precipitation Calcium carbonate – Type 22 All.3 Italian Legislative Decree n. 75/2010, ideal for soils which are poor in organic matter, sub-acid, acid.

GRANFONDO: Mixture made of Precipitation gypsum, compost and natural gypsum. It’s a powerful salinity and alkalinity corrector for strongly unbalanced soils. It’s appropriate tofight desertification in Mediterranean countries.