Patents and licences

Agrosistemi Srl. is owner or licensee of several patents related to its activities:

  1. Pat. MI 2014 A 001607, filed on 19.09.2014 and currently in the process of registration also abroad, regarding the processing of biological materials from purification of waste water;
  2. Pat. MI 2014 A 000690, filed on 04.14.2014 and currently in the process of registration, regarding the extraction and recovery of energy and/or agronomic nitrogen contained in biomass;
  3. Pat. 0001416010, registered on 04.08.2015, regarding the extraction of nitrogen from exhausted digestates;
  4. Pat. 0001415676, registered on 04.29.2015, regarding the extraction of nitrogen from biomass and/or digestate by methanogenic fermentation;
  5. Pat. 0001415675, registered on 04.29.2015, regarding the purification of gaseous fluids from nitrogen oxides (NOx);
  6. Pat. 0001413643, registered on 30.01.2015, regarding the production of corrective “precipitation calcium carbonate ” from digestates;
  7. Pat. 0001413642, registered on 30.01.2015, regarding the production of corrective “precipitation gypsum” from digestates;
  8. Pat. 0001410538, registered on 12.09.2014, regarding the heavy metals removal process from biological sludge;
  9. Pat. 0001407357 dated 04.04.2014, regarding the preparation of a precursor of corrective fertilizer, treated with oxidation driven by H2O2.
  10. Pat. 00013640373 registered on 20/07/2009 regarding the production of corrective fertilizer “precipitation gypsum”;

For further information, please note that:
Patents 1), 2) and 3) regard an innovative method for the extraction of ammonia nitrogen (with its energy or chemical enhancement) from the biological material in liquid phase, generated in the purification plant, contextual phosphorus extraction from the liquid phase and corrective fertilizer “Precipitation calcium carbonate ” or “Precipitation gypsum” (identified by Italian Legislative Decree n. 75 / 2010, Ann. 3 “Soil Correctors”, Cap 2.1 “Calcium and magnesium correctives”.) manufacturing.
With this process, the treatment is not operated on waste, but on biological materials, which have not yet completed the purification process (in line with the provisions of Decree 152/06, art. 127 and Legislative Decree 4/2008 art. 2, paragraph 12 a), and which are then turned into fertilizers, regulated by the Law and subject only to transport document, in order to remove them from the treatment plant (which becomes “manufacturing” plant);
As a secondary administrative consequence, the sewage treatment plant, which operates with this process, does not produce “waste” any more, but becomes a fertilizers producer.

From the technical side, applying this technology to a sewage treatment plant does not require any substantial modification to the existing facilities, since it just introduces a “bypass”, on the output line from the settling vessel or from the digester, before the dehydration system.