Who we are

Agrosistemi Srl is a company specialized in the treatment and recovery of biological sludge originated by waste water purification.

Agrosistemi manages the whole recovery of biological sludge, taking charge of its complete management, replacing the producer in all of the technical and operational phases, such as processing, sludge and treated material analyzing, transporting, marketing of the produced fertilizer, and all of the technical and administrative aspects related to the activity.

Agrosistemi Srl is partner of SYNGEN Srl, which develops, experiments and applies technologies for biomass usage, specifically sewage sludge, by means of chemical treatment processes, finalizing its research to the material and energy recovery.

The group has developed and patented several specific treatment methods for sludge and residual biomass, concerning heavy metals and nitrogen extraction, the latter being recyclable in the agronomic or energetic fields.

The company objective is to obtain high quality fertilizer products, which allow the replacement of synthetic fertilizers with organic materials, whose value is more stable and long-lasting, while recovering valuable resources that would otherwise be lost.